Benefits derived from using a consulting forester

Consulting foresters helping you achieve your long term stewardship goals.

Foresters who are Association of Consulting Forester members can provide a wealth of forest management information to their clients. Each landowner has their own specific reasons for ownership of their woodlot. They also may have a variety of uses for their property as well as specific long-term management goals and objectives. A consulting forester can customize a management program to meet the landowners goals, whether it is timber harvest income, wildlife habitat improvement, recreational activities enhancements or other forestry related activities.


In timber marketing projects, the forester will mark the timber in accordance with the landowner's goals and objectives. The consulting forester will then offer the timber for sale using a competitive bid system. Using their knowledge and expertise, the forester will solicit bids from perspective purchasers who not only have the financial ability to purchase the timber, but who will also conduct their harvesting activities in a professional manner. By offering the timber for sale in this manner, the fair market value will be obtained while ensuring an acceptable harvesting job is completed.


Once the bids are received, the consultant will assist the landowner in the development of the timber sale agreement including the timber purchasers duties and responsibilities. The forester will conduct on-site inspections throughout the duration of the project to make sure the harvest is completed according to the terms of agreement.


By utilizing the services of a consulting forester, the landowner will receive the highest value for their timber. In addition, the landowners knows their interests are being protected and the forest will be properly maintained throughout the harvesting project.


Associated benefits of a successfully planned and implemented timber harvesting project include improved wildlife habitat for a variety of birds and game species as well as recreational usage of the skid trails for hiking, cycling, four wheeling, and cross country skiing.